Future star

Freivan arrives to the gym in Barquisimeto, Venzuela. He goes to the gym after the regular baseball morning practice three times per week in the afternoon to train.
Prospects in a stretching session before the tryout in font of the scouts. Around 60 young players participate in this tryout
Freivan Campos, 16, ties his bseball shoes to begin the daily routine
Freivan shows his batting skills in a tryout with the professional scouts
A group of Major League Baseball scouts in a monthly tryout 
Freivan and his partners stretching before the practice
Freivan and his cousin in their grandmother house front yard
Freivan and his partners on their way to the field 
Freivan,16, goes to a tryout with the MLB scouts 
Freivan photograph held by his mother in San Felipe, Venezuela. He was ten years old and was selected the best player of the league 
Freivan family in the living room of his grandmother house
Freivan waits by his agent call to know if he was sellected in the July 2nd MLB draft. His father in the back chatting in his mobile. San Felipe, Venezuela
Freivan watchs in his phone a video of Robinson Cano in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Cano is his hero
Freivan walk into the field to see his partners practice